4 Myths About Interior Designers

Between all our designers here at Peninsula Window Fashions & Design, we have over 70 years of experience. If it’s happened in design, we’ve seen it! One of the things that surprises us the most is how confused most people are about the job of interior designers.

What do we do? What don’t we do? Why should you work with an interior designer at all? Our expert designers Robbyn Enriquez & Robert Greene get to the nittygritty about why you actually need an interior designer and share four myths that can get in the way of you and your dream home.


Myth 1: Interior design is expensive.

The Truth: Working with an interior designer will save you a lot of money in the long run. You will have professional help to make the right choices for your home the first time around. An interior designer can literally save you thousands of dollars of costly mistakes that you might make simply because you are not a design professional. Tiny mistakes like mis-measuring a window or marking the wrong colorway option for a fabric can leave you stuck with an entire room of too-short blinds and couch the color of the spaghetti stains on your kids’ T-shirt.

Choosing to work with a professional interior designer means that you can direct your time and money to a project that gets done once and well!


Myth 2: Interior designers make all the decisions for me.

The Truth: Interior designers help you make great choices for yourself! While you might be used to the shows on HGTV where the celebrity designers make all the choices for the homeowners, this scenario is far from reality. It is completely ridiculous to think that an interior designer could magically produce the design for a room or entire home simply by asking your favorite colors and then sending you away for cocktails.

In reality, the role of the interior designer is to partner with the homeowner, working in an ongoing collaborative process to create a beautiful, functional home on a realistic budget. The designer needs to qualify the person or family and give project-specific advice to achieve the best solutions for your home. This does not mean the best solution according to the designer’s opinions, it means the best solutions for the homeowner.


?Myth 3: Interior designers only want really expensive items in my house. I can’t afford their ideas!

The Truth: Interior designers work with your actual budget not a fantasy budget. We feel really proud of working within a client?s budget and it often makes us stretch our design chops! It can be loads of fun for both the designer and the homeowner to figure out how to get the “feel” of really expensive fabric or furniture by making creative choices at a fraction of the cost. Of course, we have access to the designer, custom, and high-end products that represent a far greater financial investment, but even these items can become budget-friendly by using our expertise to choose a few special pieces to splurge on for your home.


Myth 4:? Interior designers will want to throw away all my stuff

The Truth: Rarely do we get a house that bad! Interior designers want you to have a home filled with great design by mixing the old with the new. After all, the very fact that you are consulting an interior designer speaks to your innate sense of style! They key is for us to help you breathe new life into your home, while honoring your keepsakes and trusted stand-bys. It’s most often a process of integration and improvement, not a blank slate for your designer to paint.

Edit is our favorite word as interior designers! Yes, it can be awkward to be the bearer of the bad news that your grandma?s old sofa died several years ago and needs a burial! And we might need to share with you that keeping an albatross because you paid a lot of money for it doesn?t mean it?s either good design or good for your room. But on the whole, we are here to help you take what you’ve got and help you add the pieces that will make it better!