10 Design Tips for New Homeowners

Decorating your first home? From Martha Stewart to HGTV to your own Mom, there’s no shortage of advice about what you should do, what you must have, and what you can’t live without. But what do you really need to know to end up with a home you love today and still love in 10 years?

Peninsula interior designer Robert Greene has 10 expert tips to help you nail the design of your first home.

1. Find an overall look and stay on path, even if it takes several years.

2. Find a designer who is decorating for your lifestyle in mind and not theirs. You?re who?s living in the home, not them.

3. Be sure to put quality over something that is just a good bargain. You want to buy pieces that are structurally sound with good craftsmanship.

4. Concentrate on the structural items first ( i.e. floors, carpets, walls and larger pieces first). This is a way of prioritizing your investments.

5. Stick with as many neutrals as you can. Being a new home owner, your taste may change and you want the flexibility of only having to change minor things over time, not the major ones.

6. Budget, budget, budget.

7. Keep measures with you all the time as you never know when you may make a find and want to know if it will fit in a particular space.

8. On the same note, have pictures with you so you can reference them when talking with a designer or if you’re wondering if something will work in a particular space.

9. Remember that the rooms that will change the most often will be the children?s rooms.

10. Be careful with taking too much advice from too many people. Stay true to your vision for your home.

What tricks have you found helpful in designing your first home? Which of Robert’s tips will you use in your upcoming design project? Post a comment below and let us know.